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Citymobil Valentine’s Day


Help the users share the story of their love with Citymobil’s assistance.


Everyone in Russia knows: to prove your love, you have to write out your confession on the blacktop beneath the girl’s windows. It may sound strange, but this practice from the 1990s has remained with us to this day, although today many people use the services of professional calligraphers. We decided to upgrade this practice of confessing love on a truly cosmic scale.

Using the map of the city, we created routes with different female and male names, and if the name wasn’t on the list, the user could leave a huge heart as big as half of Moscow. This wasn’t just an occasion to delight Citymobil’s users, but an excellent PR fodder for the brand.

The campaign’s mechanics not only helped the sweethearts to confess their love but increased the number of the brand’s mentions in the media. Many internet media wrote about this Valentine’s Day promo.


Thousands of Moscow and St. Petersburg residents used the service to confess their love.






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